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Association Management Developer Services

For developer services, the role of LEAD Association Management is to guide and advise the Developer and the Board of Directors of Developer controlled associations and to implement their decisions and policies. LEAD is the full service interface between the Developer and the Home or Commercial Property Owner.

From the early stages, LEAD will provide these developer services:

Initiate operating budget and maintenance fees.

LEAD will work with you to create a realistic and reasonable operating budget and fee schedule that maximizes dollars and provides a solid framework for completion, in accordance with all regulations.

Review and advise on governing documents.

We will review your Deed Restrictions, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws and provide suggestions to assist with the creation of these important documents.

Review and advise on development plans.

LEAD offers full service new approval process from builder submittals to completion of construction in compliance with your community’s design and architectural control guidelines.

Assist in the development of architectural guidelines and procedures.

We can review ARC guidelines to identify any potential maintenance, safety and security concerns. In addition, LEAD will establish, coordinate and provide the administrative and secretarial functions of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC), including preparation, review and approval of architectural applications, correspondence with owners requesting ARC compliance or completion of applications, and all necessary correspondence related to the ARC.

Manage all aspects of project.

LEAD will track common area and land ownership. Also, will negotiate with contractors/employees for access control, amenity management, trash removal, landscaping, pool management, cable television, water, gas, electricity, access control and other Association services as necessary. LEAD will also obtain proposals for all necessary insurance including property, liability, directors’ and officers’, fidelity and umbrella coverages.

Work with Developer Marketing Team.

LEAD will assist with the marketing team in communicating and educating the consumers about the association.

Coordinate with IRS and State Comptroller.

LEAD will communicate with IRS and State Comptroller in establishing the Association.

As the Community grows, LEAD will:

Plan and Manage Amenity & Social Programs

LEAD will organize all community activities and events that are customized to the local area and to meet the needs of your community members.

Enforce deed restrictions and monitor contractor performance.

Regularly visit the property to observe, record and monitor deed restriction violations and contractor performance.

Ensure preventative maintenance.

LEAD will coordinate the activities of association contractors and employees required for the operation and maintenance of the property. In addition, observe maintenance needs and contractor performance and take appropriate steps to authorize the necessary repairs and maintaining contractor standards.

Emergency Services and After-Hours

LEAD staff members are on call after business hours and will address any emergency work promptly. Vendors for emergency work are on call at all times.

Facilitate transition from Developer to Homeowner

LEAD will coordinate the election of a Homeowner Advisory Board of Directors. This Advisory Board will trained on HOA rules and procedures in order for them to assume control of the Association on termination of the Development phase.
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